Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Speak

I hold in my hands
Palms pressed together in prayer
They are not mine
Found in the lap of another
Carelessly placed in my care
I wish only to return them
A burden of closure
Drawing me closer
To the caricature of who I was
Rather than who I am

Out dated programming
Needing human input
My reaction is unexpected
Yet understood
Receiving kudos under the table
Disrupted by fist pounding the top
Labeled a villain 
Status Quo keeps turning on the spindle

Say nothing
Don't make it weird

Use this time to smell fruit
Flowers and the like
Don't look for peace
It will find you
Just hold still
Close your eyes
Say "Ahh"
But not with your mouth
Kiss as passionate as you'd like
But not with your lips

Use only the palms of your hands
Pressed together in prayer
Til they are take from you
As you have taken

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