Friday, April 12, 2013

That Thing Poets Do In April: 11/30

In a perfect world
I would be judged as one
First time product of
A through B
My conclusion viewed as isolated
Less than flattering
There will never be a "Next Time"

In a perfect world
I am "Me"
Not "Them"
"Those types" or "Their kind"
I am "Nigel H. Wade"
Don't dress me with fears
With Assumptions
Masks or Hats that fit someone
Non-Nigel H. Wade

In a perfect world
I have a story
Stretching as far back as that gavel
As far back as that hammer
As far back as 
"Place your hands behind your back 
As far back as you can"
As far back as you can stand
Before you have to take a break
Change topics
Check Facebook

In a perfect world
Innocence is never questioned
Life is not a privileged
Death is not a destination
Freedom is
As far back as the Sun setting
The Sky closes it's eyes
Good Day...

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