Monday, April 1, 2013

That Thing Poets Do In April: 1/30

Keep me distracted
Surrounded by "What If"s, decorated as dreams
No need to open my eyes

Focus on the positive, call me "courageous"
Call me "crazy" when I point at the negative
Choose to only be happy

Show me the blue sky and clouds shaped like things in front of me
If only I would look down
Notice how green the grass turns brown when it's no longer sweetened by sunshine
Keep your head to the sky
Over head, full bodied torque, rainbow shoot
Buzzer beater, between defenders
Of good or of evil
It doesn't matter, it's fun living in the moment
Don't complicate it by defining it
Go Academics
Go Competition
Go "Us" vs. "Them" vs. "Honorable Mention"

Corn Snacks and Credit Card "Cash Back"
Make-Believe the money is there with those that will believe in that lie, too
Investing in your future by investing in your debt
Inside job from on the bandwagon
Open seasons on Beer and Bad Decisions
Good time
Eat, Drink
Bats, Balls
Him vs. Ya'll
For every 7 drunk, 1 has to be sober
Hot cup of fruit punch with a twist of liquor
Lite on the Miller so you don't get fatter
Feeling free to feel guilty once you're off your feet
Swear not to do it next week
Feel free to renege on your speech

When "We" and "The people" are two different things
And the government is a giant in the hill sides among other things
Trinkets and Medallions
Lucky Charms
Silly consumer, Tricks are for hoes
Pimped to John Doe
Who's against immoral behavior while on talk shows
Entertaining those campaigning for transparency
Through distraction

Look at what they're doing
The world is getting too small
Can't turn a blind eye no more
Did you see what they did?
Have you seen where they've been?
Did you see them kill him?
Did you see the bone poke out his shin?

Did you see what they said?
That's not what I heard
In a hurry to forget the past
Fast-forward to who's fault it was

Clock on your smart phone
Play time on the tablet
Zero and Ones made easy
Social status redefine
Which "1" means "Human"?
Which "1" is mine?
Where am I?
What am I?
What is it this time?

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