Friday, April 12, 2013

That Thing Poets Do In April: 12/30

Erase the previous

This is "Us" we're talking about

Dance with me
With all the "As if..." in their respected places
I want you to talk to me
My body telling a story
Your body becoming my memory
Sweeping you off your feet
You're okay
Just breathe

Dance with me
Following your body by reading your face
Place your hand on my cheek
I'll give chase

Run, keep pace
Heart beat bass
Love beats so hard
That beat breaks
"I need space"
Love can wait
Just breathe
Til it's time to leave

Dance with me
"If Only..." in our mind
"Love you" in our hearts
My arms at your sides
Step closer
Spin this time in my arms
Promise it will always be this

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