Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That Thing Poets Do In April: 21/30

Let me start by saying
"You're welcome"
Not everyone gets such an invite
In person
To join us
Wake up
It's a beautiful day

And when I say
"Good Morning"
It means
"I know you have dreams that haven't come true."
"But you don't have to be sleep to realize them."
Open your eyes, friend
This suburban cul de sac of cubicles ain't us
Was never meant to be "us"
But "we" still exist
Not zombies
Wake up
It's a beautiful day

I've always wanted to have a neighbor
I always wanted someone to say "Good Morning"
Let's make the most of this
*Grabs you by the collar, jams you into the wall*
Beautiful day
Since we both would rather be pursing our dreams
We might as well say
Wake up
You fucking prick
It's a beautiful day

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