Thursday, April 4, 2013

That Thing Poets Do In April: 4/30

When Christians were being persecuted by the Romans
I would like to think that
When one stumbled upon the other
There was enough humanity in the Holy Spirit
That neither cared if one was this type
The other, that type

And such
Seeing how the community needs poetry
I would like to think that there is enough
Passion in the pen
Think that there is no need to draw battle lines
Between Hip-Hop
And Hypocrisy

I see it's necessary


Not no "might be" puppet
Or "Possibly" puppet
You come to the mic with strings
Being pulled by someone else
Thinking it's your own passion in the pen
Drawing these deep metaphors
Laughing at how you drown out the critiques

Jim Henson's lyrical master piece
Act like you have one original thought in your
Good grief
Hood rich
Ignorance is bliss
Paid in full by applause and finger snapping
As the season comes to a close
And you show you're worn out
Worn down
Throw out

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