Monday, April 15, 2013

That Thing Poets Do In April: 15/30

I like to listen
Receiving hand outs from strangers
Sharing their souls
Even when reciting code
They share pieces of their soul
Like Marbles

Some are eager to share
Present spheres of self
Spilling over into other circles
Close by
Carried away by physics
By philosophy
Bouncing down stairwells
Skipping steps
To arrive at the ground floor
For someone else to find
To share

I don't share
I just listen
Marvel at the souls
Passed around in circles
Spilling over boundaries
Colorful and Chaotic
Frantic to collect 
To Share
To Collect
To Share

I don't share
I listen
For "Materia"
That way 
I don't lose my Marbles

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