Friday, April 26, 2013

That Thing Poets Do In April: 25/30

The eye contact was weird
A little crazy
Let me start over
Past the cusp
We have already exchanged pleasantries
Simply catching up since it's been so long
That I forgot your name
You've forgot my profession

The questions are all out of order
Sorting by systems selected at random
How they roll off the tongue
Trying to keep things
The carrot of conversations
Keep it moving
It should be rewarding
But the unknown "X"s
And other variables aren't helping
We'll cross that bridge
Not know "if"or "when" we'll get to it
Thinking too far into it
Let's start over

Where we're curled up like a question marks
The irony not lost on us
Snickering at the silence
Geeked over the possibilities we could fill it with
It's comedic
It's sexy
It's innocent
It's comforting
Even in conflict
Damn artist
Always gotta create shit\
I don't like that
Scrap it
Let's start over

When I ask for whatever you're selling
Hoping it's understood I'm not interested in the product
Segue from features to character
Warranty to "Whacha doin after this?"
Depart with digits on paper
Hanging on to it as if life depended on it
Cause I'm bring this thing back tomorrow
Citing it wasn't a good fit
Try again
New Store
New Product
Starting over

My name is Nigel
I just wanted to let you know
You walked passed me and didn't say "Hi"
You wanna start over?

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